If you are intending to buy a folding exercise bike and you have no idea where to start from your search, you have come to the right place to read. In this article, you will learn about the best folding exercise bikes of 2021. Not only will you learn in this article about what are your options for exercise bikes, but you will also see the options are not too expensive. Let’s start listing the options and you can purchase them later according to your preference of choice. 

1. Marcy Fitness Upright

The reason what makes this bike one of the best folding exercise bikes is its sturdy construction. Not only it is sturdy but it is heavier as well compared to the other bikes that fall in the same category. It is quite stable to be used for exercise and you will not feel any kind of instability even when pedaled hard. 

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However, it is not a great suggestion if you are a beginner for cardio exercise. It is not entirely heavy-duty but it still gives an intense workout than most of the other bikes. Also, it comes with a big LCD screen that only shows the basic stats, such as calories, time, and distance. It does not come with advanced tech features. Also, it is not very small in size but it does come with wheels which makes it super easy to be moved around. 

Convenient Foldable Upright Bike by Marcy NS-652

2. Xspec Folding Exercise Bike

It is also listed as one of the best folding exercise bikes due to its specs. It is perfect for people who would most likely move their exercise bike a lot because it is very lightweight and weighs only 33 pounds. Though it is lightweight and can be carried and picked up, however it comes with wheels. Due to its lightweight, you will feel shakiness while exercising. 

The shakiness is not deal-breaking but it is highly noticeable if you have worked out on Marcy’s folding bike. Moving forward, it comes with a wide and big comfortable seat which is adjustable, so you will not face any problem. It comes with palm-based pulse sensors that are fixed into the handlebars however, if you have trust issues with the accuracy of pulse rate, you can always wear a fitness tracker instead. The LCD screen is small though but it does display the basic stats. 

Xspec Foldable Stationary Upright Exercise Folding Workout Indoor Cycl –  Xspec Gear

3. Sharper Image Space Saving Stationary Bike

It is by far the most compact piece of equipment amongst all other bikes. It can be folded into just 25.5 inches in length, 23 inches in height, and 7 inches in width. You can also store it under the bed. Even if it is unfolded you can still fit it under a desk. Regardless of its compact size, anyone can fit onto it whether they are 5 feet tall or 6 feet tall. The best part about it that makes it the best folding exercise bike is that it does not require any assembly. However, it is a little bit overpriced than the other bikes falling in the same category. 

The Most Space Saving Stationary Bike @ SharperImage.com
All You Need To Know About The Best Folding Exercise Bikes